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Thinking of my Past and Looking into my future Part two

On May 3, 1945 the mother of this family had a 9 lb 9 oz baby girl and this made the youngest sister very angry. She had been the baby for 9 years and then a little sister come along.  I also had a cousin born this same day. My mother's sister had a son that morning at six and I was born at 6 pm.  My mother's mother called us her twin grands. He and I was always close. He died in 1995 with a massive heart attack.
     We lived in the house that I described until I was in the 5th grade. 
     I really don't remember a whole lot about living in this house but of course. My family and I talked alot and it seems like I remember it all. 
     I stayed in my parents bedroom until I was one in a baby bed then, I was bought a single bed and I stayed in room with my sisters. I was always closest to my oldest sister's.  In the summer time my sisters would keep me.  Otherwise I stay at the day care in the mill village. I do remember the ladies were very good to all of us and we had great food. Above the day care was the first and second grade and I went to that school too.  My first grade teacher was Mrs. Agnew and second was Mrs. Durst. 
    I had one best friend who lived with her parents and little brother in a duplex behind us until her father quit the cotton mill and then they got a house somewhere else and I would go visit some.  She had a different life style than what my parents had. Her mother and daddy smoked. Mine didn't. Her parents drank and mine didn't.  Her father was kind of lazy. She had a great mother. But my parents stayed friendly with them after they move so all of us would go places together up until I was about 10. Not sure what happen after that.  Did not see her much again until high school.  I remember once her and I was playing in the back yard and we had bricks that we had made like we were cooking and we were eating mud pies. Crazy huh but we had fun.  Then one time I remember she had this little baby kitten and she brought it over to play and it got lost in the house and we looked and looked for it and couldn't find it. Then later that evening , My mother opened a cedarchest and it came bouncing out and scared her.
We all got big laugh about that.  She would go to church with us but her parents did not go too regular. 
     I also had friend at the day care but not real close friends. Just friendly. My parents were real protective of me, with lots of rules.  I had cousins that lived in the mill village also. My daddy's sister and her husband and children moved there when I was about six. So I stayed with them some when my sisters were doing things.
     My cousin is the one that taught me to ride bycycle, I got on it and he pushed me down the hill and let go and off I went but I learn how quick. He was a little older than me and kind of rouddy but we had fun sometime because I was  a tom boy. I had mainly boy cousins my age and alot of them. 
      My daddy made sure we went to see family regular.  We would go back to McCormick to visit his mother about every other weekend.  I would stay alot with my Aunt Inez because she did not have children until I was 5, but then she got pregnant and died at child birth. She was good to me. Or at least this is what I was told. I don't remember that hardly at all.
     One evening my mother had me in bathtub giving me a bath. My daddy was at sink shaving and we had a peeping tom. My daddy ran out the door and down the steps and ran after him forever. Finally the police came and got him. I do remember this and it was scary. I was very young but I remember that. Or at least I think I do. He got things out of Daddy's garage and made him a step and was peeping in the window. He was a young man. We knew him. Daddy and Mother were friend with his parents and they went to our church. Why do people do things like that?
     We had these wooden floors like I told you earlier. My daddy would have all of us using this paste wax and we would put it down and then Daddy would get us in a blanket and whirl us round and round polishing the floor. It was great fun but I remember my sisters fussing about it. My middle sister was kind of lazy. My oldest sister would do her chores all the time because she did not like her fussing. 
     My oldest sister quit school at 16 and went to work in the cotton mill on second shift. She bought our very first TV. Said it was for me for Christmas. I was 6 almost 7 years old. It was a box black and white.  Before this we would go window shopping on Sunday and I remember us looking thru the window in this furniture store and looking at the TV. They would be closed but they would have it on.  No stores were open in this town back then on Sunday.  
     I remember at no time us going out to eat until I was about ten. I never remember my sisters going out to eat with us until after they were grown.  I remember one place we eat a couple times named Rosalyns and they served spagetta and the plate seem to get larger , the more I eat. But I only remember maybe twice going there.
     I do remember that we always went to mountains in the fall and would ride to Table Rock or Cherokee some Sundays.  I remember one vacations we stayed a couple nights in this cabin. My sisters and i climb this mt. to see a sign and my oldest sister rolled down the mountain and got skinned all up.
     I remember once when probably five or six me and my middle sister's best friend little sister was running round and round in their house and I fell into the door facing and ended up having to get stitches in my head and sister getting into trouble for letting me run in their house.
     I remember one time my middle sister had me on the back wheel riding my bike and I caught my foot in the spoke and had to get stitches. Don't know how old I was then.   
More later got to go to bed, It is 3 am.